Moms Who Don't Breastfeed More Likely to Develop Type 2 Diabetes, Study Finds

Read more in Science Daily.

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Nursing Mothers Get a Break at Work, Thanks to Health Reform

One little-discussed provision in the new health care reform law requires all employers to provide unpaid break time and private space for nursing mothers to pump breast milk at work. Read more about it in USA Today

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Read all about it!!!

The Hispanic Health Council's Breastfeeding Heritage and Pride Program has been the subject of articles in The Hartford Courant and numerous peer-reviewed journals.

"The conclusion is that breastfeeding peer counseling works, and it works beautifully, but you have to invest in it,'' says Yale School of Public Health Professor Rafael Perez-Escamilla, the co-primary investigator on the Hispanic Health Council's breastfeeding research. To read more, click on the links below:

Differential Response to Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Within a Low-income, Predominantly Latina Population Chapman DJ, Damio G, Pérez-Escamilla R. J Hum Lact. 2004 Nov;20(4):389-96.

A Randomized Trial Assessing the Efficacy of Peer Counseling on Exclusive Breastfeeding in a Predominantly Latina Low-Income Community Anderson AK, Damio G, Young S, Chapman DJ, Pérez-Escamilla R. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2005 Sep;159(9):836-41.

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Peer Counseling Promotes Breastfeeding Among Obese Women

Recently presented studies by researchers at the Hispanic Health Council, the University of Connecticut and Yale University suggest that peer counseling helps low-income, obese women successfully breastfeed their newborns. To read more, click here.

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New Study: Higher Breastfeeding Rates in the U.S. Would Save Lives and Money

The lives of nearly 900 babies would be saved each year, along with billions of dollars, if 90 percent of U.S. women breast-fed their babies for the first six months of life, a cost analysis says.

Those startling results, published online on April 5, 2010 in the journal Pediatrics, are only an estimate. But several experts who reviewed the analysis said the methods and conclusions seem sound. Read more.

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Sewing Circle Project


The Hispanic Health Council is seeking volunteers who are good with a needle and thread to make baby slings for its clients.

Baby slings can be a great help for mothers who breastfeed. They offer a safe way to keep the baby close while freeing mom’s hands to do chores or care for older children. They also provide welcome coverage when nursing a baby in public. 

A downside of the sling is that it can be expensive to purchase. So to ensure that slings are available to all HHC's clients, breastfeeding coordinator and lactation consultant Nan Kyer has been making them from donated fabric on her home sewing machine. 

But Kyer can't keep pace with the demand, which hs been averaging six a month. Thus the call for volunteers, perhaps a group of sewing enthusiasts seeking a project. Donations of soft yet sturdy cotton fabrics are also welcome.

To help with sewing or fabric donations please contact Celinet Franco at 860-527-0856, ext. 226 or e-mail her at


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